EJDER 3200

World Ski Center


EJDER 3200 World Ski Center's development policy with the face parallel renewed our hotel, which has become the hottest home Ski Resort is located just 100 meters far from the slopes. Snow Dora Hotel with all the amenities to make your skiing, comfortable equipment, hygienic food products and quality service will add comfort to your peace of mind. Snow Dora will keep you warm in winter and in the summer we have an exquisite nature will cool your heart, accompanied by the spring breeze. In addition to being the heart of skiing and other outdoor sports camp for your needs, we look forward to you being our hotel guests with the inevitable destination... Also Please do not forget to World’s easiest trasportation ways belongs to Ejder 3200 World Ski Center!

Airport: 19 km (15 min.)

City Bus Station: 13 km (10 min.)

Erzurum City Center: 4 km (3 min.)